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Monthly Archives : July 2012


TVSource’s 6th Month Anniversary!

Today marks the 6th month anniversary of TVSourceMagazine.com! When we launched the site in January, there was a lot of uncertainty. Would the readers who supported Soap Opera Source support the new site? Would the readers feel as if we’ve abandoned soaps due to the cancellations? Luckily we didn’t encounter much of that. Of course there were those who didn’t understand why Soap Opera Source had to come to an end, but overall the response was positive and it’s shown in our numbers.

We’ve had more visitors to TVSource in the last 6 months than Soap Opera Source had all of 2011! Kudos to the staff at TVSource for creating engaging original content. It was difficult losing some of Soap Opera Source’s most talented writers during the transition, but the new team has exceeded expectations and continues to be stars.

The true test will happen this fall as it will be the magazine’s first first season. What to cover? What features to add? What to review? It’s all up for grabs.