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Monthly Archives : December 2012


A new look for TVSource Magazine

As we come upon the one year anniversary of TVSourceMagazine.com, I decided that the website was in need of a makeover.

It may seem a little much to change the layout of our site less than year after launching, but to be honest I was kind of bored with it. Though visitors didn’t see it until our Jan. 2012 launch, I had been looking at the same design for almost two years. I wanted something that would be appealing to the eyes, but also allow for content maximization.

See the changes below:

September 2012

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="940"] September 2012 Layout[/caption]

December 2012

[caption id="attachment_1006" align="aligncenter" width="379"]December 2012 Layout December 2012 Layout[/caption]
  • Upgraded to the newly revamped CMS system — focuses heavily on HTML5 and mobile compatibility.
  • Subtle changes to the logo — removal of half-circle and additional text; capitalized the “TV” in TVSource
  • Changed to a fluid width as opposed to a static one. That means the site re-sizes depending on the size of your screen.
  • CSS compression (helps the site load faster).
  • Changes to the UI allowing for easier navigation.
  • Better integration with social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google)

The next design we use will be fully responsive. Whether you’re viewing the site on your laptop, tablet, smartphone or gaming system, the website will adapt and change it’s structure to dynamically fit the device used.