Executive Officers

SoSource Media’s three-person executive team is collectively responsible for the creation, development, execution and marketing of all brands.

Pictured: Omar White-Nobles

President and Chief Executive Officer

Omar White-Nobles is the President and Chief Executive Officer of SoSource Media, LLC (SSM), a digital media, publishing and web development company that creates entertainment brands, websites and social media strategies. He is a co-founder.

In his roles, he oversees the creative development of all SSM related brands, properties, social media and original content for Source Magazines. While working to establish the brands as a digital entertainment publisher and creative powerhouse, he also furthers brand development through the creation of new “Source” properties for various platforms, administration of servers, database management and growing web traffic.

Omar is based in New Jersey and manages a team of 15 staff located in California, Canada, Connecticut, Illinois and the mid-west. Omar’s work in digital publishing began in 2005 when he was hired as Co-Editor of a popular online soap opera magazine. From 2005 – 2008, he contributed to the creative vision of the magazine, created original content, helped managed their forums. After departing in 2008, he launched his own soap opera magazine, Soap Opera Source, where he served as Editor-in-Chief of the popular online magazine until the magazine was discontinued in 2012.

Omar now serves as Executive Editor of TVSource Magazine, overseeing all news and editorial content. He is responsible for implementing TVSource’s hybrid editorialized reporting. He is continuing his education as a communications major and plans to relocate to California to further his career.

Pictured: Jennifer Snyder

Executive Vice President, Development

Jennifer Snyder co-founded SoSource Media with Omar Nobles. Jennifer serves as Executive Vice President, Development, where she creates branding strategies for SSM and manages development, production and promotion for new properties.

She is a former columnist and editorial director for several popular websites. Jennifer previously served as Managing Editor of Soap Opera Source from 2008-2012.

Pictured: William Dallman

Executive Vice President, Media

William Dallman was named Executive Vice President of Media in 2012. In his role, Dallman oversees SoSource Media’s public relations division. He’s also responsible for overseeing the creation and development of SoSource Media properties on social networks. Based in California, he represents SSM at charity and industry functions.

From 2009 – 2012, William served as Assistant Editor of Soap Opera Source. In 2012, he was promoted to West Coast Editor of TVSource Magazine.